Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'd forgotten all about this!!

Wow, I have a blog!

OK, so I hadn't really forgotten that I started a blog many moons ago, just that I hadn't updated it in so long that I'd forgotten the password and everything.

I had to get them to send me my password to log into another blog and then looked at my profile and followed the link here.

I've been thinking about starting off a blog again recently, so I guess the ideal thing really is to continue with this one and change it as I go.

Back soon to sort things out.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pinch and a Punch for the 1st of the month

Yes I know, April has gone and I only made one entry, but busy is not the word for it.

All sorts of things have happened over the last month, including me writing an article for a magazine, being away for a weekend retreat and trying to sort out not one but two holidays.

I'm also doing other things which are in the pipeline so not being mentioned further yet - don't you love teasing people :)

On the weight loss side of things I've gone totally static, but decided it's time to give it a kick and get it all going again so I weighed in this morning and will start the chart off again next week.

Sabrina has been entered for her Primary Ballet exams in July and soon sits her KS1's, but we don't think she will have any problems with them. Alanna, well she seems to be slowly but surely coming out of the temper tantrums that we have had from her for the last two years. It's her 5th birthday this month and I had been proactive and booked somewhere a while ago, only to have them ring a few weeks ago and tell me they were closing. Another thing to add to the busy pile as I have been trying to sort out that as well.

I've also been doing things with Usborne Books and if your interested in becoming a rep then please give me a shout quickly as they have an absolutely fantastic offer for joining this month - today it's free and then it goes up every few days by £1 until it get's back to it's full price sometime in June. What a bargain!!

Right time to get the girls dressed and myself sorted out, next door has the builders in and they will start banging and bashing about soon.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Gary has set up his own website

Gary decided it was about time to set up a website for his photographs in light of his recent decision to start doing something with them.

So I thought I would put a link here for you to go look if your interested Views of Nature is here.

It's still under construction but I think he has made a pretty good start.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of another month

and I just realised that I'd been neglecting my blog again.

So this is just a quick post as I did say I would try not to do that.

A few weeks ago I heard a "describe" yourself question, this one was to choose which biscuit best described you.

Straight away I said plain digestive and when asked to explain why I said it was because there was nothing fancy about me and you knew what you were getting i.e. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

So go on then, what sort of biscuit are you ?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

News and stuff :)

Can someone please tell me to say no sometimes :)

OK, I've been trying to get DH to do more with his photography for a while now, he's recently had one of his photographs published in a book and another in a national newspaper. However, until last week it was like banging my head against a brick wall.

Well suddenly he comes out with a suggestion which blew me away. How about seeing if we can get a group together and take them to one of the sites he goes to - WHAT!!!

So next thing you know we are putting a suggestion forward getting interest and then booking not one, but two Photo Shoots with Big Cats, and best of all I get to go too :)

There are still a few places left on one of the shoots so if your interested go take a look here - I can't wait

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I didn't post last week as I really wasn't feeling like it. Those that know me well know that every so often I get a bit blue and last week was one of those times.

Never really know why and it's not a set regular thing so no putting it down to time of the month or anything like that. Just get a bit low and can't be bothered and everything feels like it's the end of the world.

It's quite weird really as most of the rest of the time I tend to be a half full type of person.

Anyway, thought I'd best post quickly as I hadn't yet this month, and also update the weight chart. Finally ordered my new troll beads today so hopefully will have them by the next weigh in.

Right best go, only just got in from doing the shopping and it all needs putting away once I've finished my cuppa.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Which way

don't quite know which way I'm turning at the moment, hence the fact I was late posting this week and updating my weight chart. Nothing lost this week, but I've been expecting that for the last couple of weeks. I've gone off the boil with the diet now and I'm beginning to hit that, well it won't matter if.... stage. Just one of those and one of those won't really make that much difference - will it ?

Well all those out there that have ever been on a diet will know the answer to that one!

So anyway what have I been up to. Ended up shutting the shop last week as I couldn't keep anything down on the Tuesday and then the Wednesday even though logically there was nothing in my stomach the reverse end decided to have it's go. Thursday I was feeling better so I had the morning off and then because I felt like I was skiving I went down the shop in the afternoon. Great isn't it, work for yourself and still feel guilty when you take time off!!

Friday I finally had my appointment at the hospital about my feet and they confirmed what I have known for the last year or so that I have Plantar Fasciitis. The specialist told me that what I was already doing was the right things, but also gave me some exercises and I have to go back again in a couple of months.

So on Sunday I traipsed round the NEC at the trade show, yeah that did my feet a lot of good - LOL. Got lot's of new catalogues to browse through, but I'm being a bit picky about what I'm ordering at the moment so don't expect to see lot's of new goodies immediately.

Right best go or I'll be late opening this morning